Getting over the moments

I am realizing now that any of the struggles I am having with this transition to healthy eating and exercise all relate to moments.

It was my daughter’s birthday this past Friday. She is also getting married next year, so we have been on the search for her “signature” drinks for the wedding. We went to kind of an upscale casual place that I found by searching for best cocktails in Atlanta (the place has a speakeasy too!). My wife, daughter and her fiance got really great sounding drinks (one was bourbon with apple smoked a couple of times in a smoker). And, I got a club soda with lime. I really (“Really, really.” – Shrek) wanted to try their drinks. But, I did not. Then, after they finished, I realized that we were in the same boat. We had all had something to drink. Mine might not have been quite as satisfying/appealing, but we were all done. I had made it through that moment.

It didn’t help that they brought her a huge slice of strawberry shortcake with a layer of cheesecake – right in front of me. Four forks. But, mine went unused. I was full, but I would have loved some. When we left, we were all in the same boat again. We were done eating together. I had made it through another moment.

And, when we left, I guess I was pretty proud. I had a good time celebrating my daughter’s birthday – just like we all did.

I am going to try to apply that “moment” approach with other food and drink, and then also to things which are currently unpleasant to me – a round of sit ups, a run. I’ll get through the moment and hopefully fell that sense of pride.

And, get that much closer to living a healthier lifestyle.

(By the way, I talked to the Crossfit Alpharetta coach that is working with me on nutrition this morning at the gym. He said it’s not about eliminating things completely, but doing it in moderation – one beer not six. And, I do look forward to the moderation. I just want to get through this six week challenge without a cheat. I don’t think I have ever not cheated. I am almost halfway there. I will make it.)

Tweaking the routine

This Crossfit and nutrition routine seems to be working for me, but I have tried to take a couple of shortcuts that I did not consider shortcuts. But, I know now that I have to be better.

Every meal, except for my post workout meal, should have a cup of veggies. The first week, I was really good – snap peas, sliced up peppers, celery, radishes. But, last weekend, I went grocery shopping and saw V8 low sodium. I thought that I could use that.

Two days this week, I used the V8 instead of veggies. Two servings of veggies in an 8 oz glass. No doubt it gives you the nutrients you need. But, what it doesn’t give me is the satisfaction of chewing. Maybe that sounds stupid, but I need to eat rather than drink. And, honestly, I don’t really like celery all that much, but it takes time to eat and gives some satisfaction.

I’m learning.

I did take a second round of pictures this morning. I haven’t gotten to my previous all-time high which I will use as my starting point, but I am down some from where I started two and a half weeks ago. But, I cannot see a difference in the pictures yet.

Wasn’t expecting something positive so soon

I’m now two weeks into this. Like I said in a prior post, I am not even considering anything weight loss until I get down to my previous all time high of 281.

But, today, I had to get some skin cancer taken care of . The nurse said I should probably get to my primary care doctor to talk about adjusting my blood pressure medication. ADJUSTING IT BY POSSIBLY REDUCING IT!

So, far, just two weeks of exercise (8 crossfit classes and a couple of 2 miles walks in between) and adjusting my eating habits are already having an effect on my health. Don’t get me wrong – I am still a load. But, this (whether they adjust it or not) is motivation for me.

The plan I am on for eating is three meals a day – basically 8 oz of protein and a cup of veggies and 8 grams of fats, and two protein shakes in between. It’s coming out, generally, to 1500-1650 calories per day. Probably low for someone my size, by I haven’t been hungry. The only change to that is the meal immediately after a workout, the veggies are switched with 50 grams of carbs.

I think this particular direction may be the right one for me!

Hold my beer…

I like a beer or wine or cider or mule. I do. I also like Groupons. Here in Atlanta, there are literally dozens of breweries (Sweetwater, Jekyll and lots of other great ones – my favoritie is Ironmonger), distilleries (all really good, but American Spirit Works has this Fiddler Bourbon that is among my favorite), wineries and even a cidery (Urban Tree!). And, we really enjoy going to them when we can. I would say we would go to one once every three weeks. But, I would say, on average, I was a beer or a wine a day.

Doing this six week challenge, I have given up all alcohol. I talked to Justin, the owner of the Crossfit Alpharetta gym where I go who had been doing my nutrition coaching too about this – how I like going to all of these places. He explained that everything can fit in moderation.

So, in another four weeks, I’ll hit a brewery. But, until then, I went out and bought some pretty decent flavored sparkling water (I think it’s Deer Park) from Costco. I’m on my second case. But, it’s been serving the same purpose. And, I have been out to dinner a few times, and I have been going with club soda with a lime. It actually is much better than I thought.

Right now, I am feeling like I will be able to do Justin’s moderation in the future. Until then, you can hold my beer.

Get over yourself

That’s directed at me.

Yesterday, I had to do a ton of bear crawls. So you are walking on all fours, butt kind of up in the air. I am the odd man out in any class I go to, but especially at a place like Crossfit. Maybe some of these people started like me, but they sure don’t look like me. So, rather than focusing on the exercise, I am so much more concerned with my shirt riding up, on in this case down towards my head, showing my stomach. It is really embarrassing. I know I have to get over it.

And, when it comes to weights, I am using probably a third to a half of the next lowest person. Again – self conscious.

I really like quotes. Not the Sue Heck, believe in yourself type quotes (ok – sometimes I do). But ones that I can apply.

One I love and try to live by is a Teddy Roosevelt one – “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

It’s a really hard one to apply when you see people in great shape, not only in magazines and on tv, but right there next to you in class. But, I know I have to start somewhere. Maybe some are blessed with phenomenal genetics, but most, I believe, started somewhere too. Maybe not as bad as me. Maybe worse. I doubt it.

I really don’t want anyone to see my stomach though.

Starting to see results – but not really

Through last April (2017), my all time high weight had been 281. I hit that a couple of times in my life. But, the past 12 months took me to new heights (lows) and a couple of weeks ago, I hit 302. 302!

I have been good about working out and eating right since I started last Wednesday. And I am feeling slightly better and seeing slight losses on the scale. But, I feel like I haven’t even been able to really begin. That beginning won’t start until I hit that former 281 high.

At the Alpharetta Crossfit place that I go (and I think all the other ones), they kind of do beginner, intermediate and advanced exercises. It’s killing me, and I am not even close to a beginner yet. But, I am working and feel like I am at least taking the right steps.

What some encouragement will do

This morning was my fourth Crossfit class. I know I am way out of my league. But, the people there are constantly going with their “Way to go Jack!” or “You can do it Jack!”

And, honestly, I think it is sincere. Today it was some bench pressing. I think I may have gotten to 95/100 pounds. I think the least I saw on others was 150/160 and I think some had 3 45 pound weight on either side. Yet, they are encouraging me. And, some jump roping. I have no coordination, so after a while I drop the rope and pretend. But, I did get up to 26 in a row. Meanwhile, some of them are swinging twice in one jump. But they are still fist bumping me.

I hope I can get to the point where I can give that kind of encouragement.

What that little encouragement does is make me want to go back.