I’m Jack. 53 in Alpharetta, Georgia. Happily married with two great kids. My wife and kids all have athleticism that I have never had. Been heavy all of my life. I have had a few times in my life when I would have considered myself fat but healthy. I would guess that if you looked at my average weight from post college on, it would be about 260. I’d like to be at 260 now! But, it has ranged from maybe 235 a couple of times, to 270ish most of the times. Prior to April 2017, my all time high had been 281 (a couple of times). But, this year, I have gone way down the tubes, and I hit 302 in early April 2018.

My daughter is getting married in May 2019. My son is finishing his sophomore year of college on a path to become a doctor. Neither of them had a grandfather (my dad died when they were 5 and 2 and my wife’s dad died years before they were born). At the rate I had been going until this April, there’s no chance in hell I’d be around for their kids someday.

While I have no intention of ever retiring, I would like to live and I would like to ease up on work in 10-12 years. And, I’d like to be healthy enough to enjoy it.

I truly believe I am committed to making this permanent lifestyle change.