Floundering, but still moving forward

This getting healthy thing is a really hard battle to take on. A little over 6 months in to my initial concerted efforts, I am still working at it. But my initial motivation has waivered big time.

I am making it to Crossfit regularly and have been putting up some decent PRs for me (still nowhere close to Rx weights). That is making me feel like I am making progress. But, my efforts to lose weight have really faltered. It’s not a matter of muscle weighing more than fat. I have just stopped trying.

Ideally, I will find my motivation again, and use this current, much lower weight as my new starting point.

I’d appreciate any thoughts if you have been here, and what you did to rediscover your motivation.

2 thoughts on “Floundering, but still moving forward

    1. 1. It is so much easier to eat just anything. My successes have come from planning and logging every bit of food. I went from – “We’re talking about going out to dinner. “Let me look at the menus for the places they are thinking and pick the one where I can get grilled chicken and steamed veggies,” to “they want to go Mexican – I can find something there,” and looking it up before I ordered, to thinking I knew what to order and recording it after the fact (and finding I was wrong), to “those nachos look good” and then recording it, to ordering what I want and not recording it. I do still try to be mindful, but it is laziness and actually feeling like I want to eat what I want to eat.
      2. Frustration with my abilities. I am still really at the bottom end of any class I take. At Crossfit, I have never been able to do the Rx (prescribed) weighs. I always have to scale, which I have been fine with to a certain extent. But, it is hard not to compare. We did sumo dead lifts the other day. I got to 135 which was big for me. But it is, by far, the lowest weight in the class including all of the women. Don’t get me wrong. They are kick ass. But, though I try to convince myself that I don’t mind, I do hate always being last.
      3. Outside issues – money, work. If other things aren’t good – go for a snack size Milky Way. Or two. Or three. And, as you can see, a bit of issues with self-control.

      I write these down. I know what my issues are. But, I can’t seem to get the ball rolling again.

      Thanks for trying Lee.


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