Short, medium and VERY long term goals

My family is a family of athletes – except for me. My wife has completed five marathons and countless half marathons. My daughter rowed on the top boat for a D1 school and has completed marathons and half marathons, and my son, in his first full marathon, finished in a Boston marathon qualifying time (3:04:27 – three years after completing his first half in just about 3 hours on the same course).

I have tried, but I am nothing like them. I do have endurance and have completed many halfs, but the most recent was about four years ago and I believe my time was about 3:45. I finished. I know I can do that. But, I have never been even the slightest bit competitive. (I did get a silver for my age group in a 5k distance swim, coming in deadl last, a full 6 minutes after the next to last swimmer. But there were only 37 swimmers in the event and only 2 in my age group!)

However, I have some goals. The first is to complete a half marathon in under 2:30. I know that is not fast. But, for me it is. And, I am shooting for April 2019 – the Holy Half at Notre Dame – with my wife and kids. That is the interim goal.

The short term goal has been changing weekly. In addition to doing Crossfit, I have begun building up time and distance for just one weekly run. This past Saturday, I did 5 miles in 59 minutes! Again, not fast for others, but fast for me. I aim to get to 6 in 60, and then start extending the time by 5 minutes a week after that. It is a lofty goal for me, but I am shooting for that 6 in 60 by the end of October.

And the very, very  long term goal? January 2040 – The Bermuda Walking Marathon. It will be immediately after my 50th wedding anniversary 1/13/40, and right before my 75th birthday on 3/25/40. I’d like to have my wife and kids and their future spouses and future kids there too. I figure if I can have made it that far with a family that loves me, be healthy enough to walk that far, and be able to afford to pay for all of that, not that I’d want to at that point, but I could then die a happy man.


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