Bad form? I’ll say.

The 5:30 am Crossfit Alpharetta class is really the right class for me. Great encouraging people – usually 3-5 of which are also coaches. What that means is that they are not only there working out, but they also can’t help themselves in giving additional encouragement and instructions to others in that class. And, since the others in the class are all realky in good shape, that means they help the fat, old guy – me.

Today it was Justin, the owner, who was coaching and we were doing power snatches. For someone completely unathletic, it is not an easy move to get. I am getting better, but it really is a struggle. But, Justin was trying, unsuccessfully, to get me to correct my form. He was demonstrating what to do, and I felt like I was doing it. So, he took a video of me doing it so he could show me.

As he was showing me the video, he was earnestly explaining how to correct it. But, like in movies with explosions where the characters only hear muffled words immediately after a bomb goes off, I only heard mumbles. Because, honestly, an explosion went off in my head when I saw, even 45 pounds lighter than when I started  in April, my big gut hanging down as the bar went up.

Believe me, I have never had this grand illusion of being in better shape than I am. But, I honestly had no idea just how bad I really am. It was – no is – that bad. I can’t imagine how bad it was when I started in April.

I guess, to a certain extent, I saw other big people and think, I’m probably not in that bad a shape. But, that video of me doing a power snatch is absolute proof that I am wrong. I still am in that bad a shape.

I am not going to get frustrated and give up. I am going to try to use what I saw this morning as motivation for a renewed, stronger focus on improvement.


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