The struggle is real (to me)

I can only speak for myself, but I think it is pretty easy to play the role of the fat guy. I have been it all my life. Physically, it may be uncomfortable, but mentally and emotionally, it is easy to accept.

So, when you are working your butt off, doing this Crossfit thing, and not making the strides you had hoped for, you (meaning me) start to hear “Just accept the fact that you are never going to be fit.”

Unfortunately, I am in a bit of that phase now. Many mornings, when that alarm goes off at 4:55, I think to myself, “Hit snooze. You can go tomorrow. Today, you’ll get another hour and a half of sleep.” But, I do know, if I give myself that break, I may actually break the habit I have gotten in to for the last 4 months. I know I am a slacker, fat guy at heart. I am trying to change that.

Almost daily, by about 5:05, when I am putting my running shoes on, I am pleased with myself that I didn’t hit snooze – that I am heading to Crossfit. But, so many days, I am just so close to throwing in the towel and accepting that I will never be 220 or 200 or 180 pounds and healthy.

If you have suggestions for staying motivated – for staying on the straight and narrow – I am all ears. I don’t want to slip back into my old ways.

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