Do you feel any different?

Justin, the owner of Crossfit Alpharetta, asked me that question on Wednesday morning. I responded with weight related successes – down 42 pounds; went from struggling with the last hole on a belt to moving to the smallest on that belt (it’s still huge, but it is an improvement). He responded with “No. Do you feel any different?”

On vacation the prior week, I was able to walk 8-12 miles a day in 95+ degree heat without bitching (any more than anyone else because of the heat). I was able to carry my backpack suitcase up 4 flights of stairs to our Airbnb without issue. Great non-scale victories.

But, this morning, I realized my biggest non-scale victory. It is really a mental/attitude change.

My right elbow/shoulder has been hurting for weeks. I thought a week’s vacation would have helped, but the pain is still there. Not so much that I can’t work out. Just a dull pain when I move them certain ways. What’s the victory? I have not used that as an excuse to give up. Rather, I have accepted that I am going to have aches and pains as I improve my health. I have accepted that I may have to get it taken care of. But, I absolutely want to keep working. I absolutely want to continue to improve – not settle back in to my old comfort zone.

Though, at the moment, there is a little pain, I believe this path I am on is my new comfort zone.

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