Vacation – with a side of no weight gain

I just returned from a week in Paris and Amsterdam. I went in to the vacation assuming I would gain a few pounds. It was Paris. But, we ended up walking about 8-10 miles a day, and, though I ate what I wanted, I ate in moderation. I can’t say that the moderation was truly “intentional.” However, I do believe I am adjusting to a new normal for eating. I don’t overindulge.

In the past, a couple of things have derailed me. Sickness or injury, vacation, and a compliment on weight loss. I have been dealing with injury – likely tendonitis in the right elbow and shoulder – but have remained true. I have had a few days off here and there, including last week’s vacation, but I was really happy to be back at it today. And, I have had a couple of lost weight comments. So, I think, maybe, I am overcoming these former hurdles.

I was disappointed to learn today that one of the coaches that I really like has moved on to a new gym because he, himself, had plateaued at this particular location. Personally, I am not in danger of hitting that level of plateau – ever. But, the remaining coaches are excellent and they have added a new one. It was a slow, awkward start for him, but I think the mix of coaching styles actually helps mix things up.

So, 8 days on vacation, with no intentional exercise, and coming back a pound down. I am pretty pleased with those results.

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