Slow and steady wins the race?


No. There’s no winning the race for me. But, there is finishing the race. The picture above is from the Peachtree on July 4th – the world’s largest 10k. 60,000 runners.  I was slow as all hell, but I finished. That’s my wife and daughter with me.

Crossfit is definitely making a difference fitness wise. I don’t think it will make me a faster runner or help too much with endurance because we really don’t do too much aerobically, so I will have to work on that on my own. But, in the past, I have focused mostly on aerobic exercise and it hasn’t helped with the weight. But, Crossfit really has.  It kind of feels like one big plateau because there is not any day to day loss that I can see, but the weight is coming off –  very, very slowly. I am down around 265-ish (+/- 1 pound). That’s from the 302 at the beginning of April, and even 16 off of my previous all time high.

Over the past couple of weeks, I think as I have tried to add weight, I have focused a little less on form as I do some of the exercises which has, unfortunately, hurt my efforts. From my now almost three months of Crossfit experience, as the coaches repeatedly point out, work on getting the motions down first – the weight will come later. I have done a little forearm muscle damage as I have done poor form power cleans. But, I have lightened the load and I feel like the movement is becoming a bit more natural.

I have addressed it a few times in previous blogs, but this morning’s class was a recurring example of why Crossfit, or at least Crossfit Alpharetta, is a phenomenal place for people of all fitness levels. Itr wasn’t the normal weight portion that we started with today.  It was a 5 minute piece where you did as many pull ups as possible unbroken, and then once you stopped, you did as many more as possible in the remaining 5 minutes. I think there were 7 of us. I can’t do a pull up, so I was doing ring rows. Another person was doing band assisted pull up, a couple more were doing regular pull ups, and 2 more were doing chest to bar pull ups, but on rings (pretty unbelievable to watch). Each person giving their best effort. After the weight portion of the class, you go in to conditioning. Today’s was a 20 minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of a 200m run, followed by Russian kettlebell swings then sit ups then start over. It was 20 and 20 of kettle bells and sit ups, but mine was scaled to 15 and 15. I’m using a 20 pound kettle bell, while others were pushing 60+. I ended up with 6 rounds, while some ended up with 9-10. But, as we passed each other occasionally on the run portion, it was “way to go Jack (or Grace or Jessica or Andy or Dan or Christine or Will)…”  Each person giving their own personal maximum effort.

It is this type of encouragement that is keeping me on track and allowing me to becoming a healthier person.

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