Some inspiration

I started following an Instagram Account – @howtotransform. It is people’s transformations over time. In many cases, it is big to healthy. But there are also really inspiring photos of anorexic to healthy and couch potato to healthy. I have to say, each one of those transformations gives me motivation.

But, there was one in particular that hit me the other day as I wrestle with this plateau – If you are reading this, trust me, it is worth checking out. Pictures at day 22, day 263, day 367 and day 565. I rarely post pictures on Instagram, and I don’t think I have ever commented until this week. But I saw that time progression and realized that she did not go from her day 22 pic to her day 565 pic in the 9 or 10 weeks that I have been doing Crossfit. That’s a year and a half!

Chipping away, day by day. Maybe seeing slight improvements here and there. But, staying at it when you might otherwise want to give up is what got her from day 22 to day 565.

So, thanks for the inspiration! It makes me realize that you have to be in it for the long haul.



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