I don’t think it gets easier…

My impression now of Crossfit is that it is never supposed to get easier. It is supposed to always be a challenge – an effort towards continuous improvement.

Slowly, very slowly, the weights I am lifting are increasing. If I went back to those weights from the first couple of weeks, I am sure they would be easy. But the point is to push yourself to do and be better.

Part of what we did today was Power Cleans (barbell from the ground to your waist then hip swing with the barbell landing at the top of the chest/shoulders) at a heavy weight, followed by sets of power cleans and burpees in a series of 15 each, 12 each, and 9 each.  Two months ago, in all honesty, the 45 pound barbell was a struggle. Today, 105 was a struggle. But that’s improvement. I still can’t do a decent burpee, but I have gone from stepping back and forward one foot at a time to jumping back and forward with both feet. Again, improvement.

So, I had some satisfaction. There was another guy there today, Eric. He is also a coach. (There are always at least a couple of coaches in the 5:30 am class that, even though they are not officially coaching are always coaching and trying to make sure you are improving.) He must have hit a PR today. I think I heard him say 315. This guy has been doing crossfit for (I think) something like 6 years. And the guy is still working on continuous improvement.

So he hits 315 and I hit 105.  Everyone else in that room hit somewhere in between my low and his high.

I have to say that is a really cool thing about crossfit. I sincerely believe that every one of those people in that class get satisfaction out of doing their best and are genuinely encouraging of and satisfied when seeing each other do their best.


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