Scratching and clawing

This is hard frigging work.

I think I enjoy working out now, but that doesn’t make it any easier. And, honestly, as I make some progress, I realize just how far I have to go.

8 weeks ago when I started doing Crossfit and we had to do burpees, I would slowly bend over and go back one leg at a time and up one leg at a time. If it was 20 burpees, I could do maybe 4 in the time it took others to do those 20. Today, it was sets with 15 burpees. I am still not able to do the push up part of the burpee, but now I can actually jump my legs back and forward, and it is maybe 7-8 to their 15. That’s in between set of “power cleans” where I still have issues with form, but I have gone from the 25 pound barbell, to 35, to 45. Today, I did a few sets with 70. Again, huge progress for me, but the next lowest person is about 90, on up to the mid 200s.

And, the weight loss – it truly is scratching and clawing to get a pound her and there. Today, after the workout, I saw 269 on the scale. April 13 was about 302. It had hovered at 272-274 for the past two weeks, so I am thinking maybe I have broken the plateau. But, again, it is progress.

Regarding the nutrition and the search for the answers – to a certain extent, I have said f&%k it. If it takes me two weeks to lose a pound, so be it. I do know for a fact that I am getting healthier as I am struggling.

It might take me years, but I will get there. And then stay there.

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