Don’t pay attention to the scale


That’s a lot easier said than done. My frustration continues to build as I have been in this two pound range for I think a little more than two weeks. I easily have another 90+ pounds to go, so the weight should still be coming off. Working out regularly. Eating right.

And, I am really disappointed with the nutrition guidance at the moment. I had really followed it to a T and now the thought is that I am in “starvation mode,” which some swear by and others call BS. Apparently, you can really slow your metabolism down by eating too little. But I have followed the nutrition guidelines given me, and now I can pay for a plan to get myself out of starvation mode.

I paid for guidance which apparently put me in starvation mode, and now I can pay for guidance and make an investment to get me out of starvation mode.

It’s this kind of BS that has contributed to me giving up in the past. But, I think the best thing for me to do it to do some real research because there’s clearly no “one size fits all” nutrition guidance that works for me.


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