An awesome “healthy” “cheat”

I have both healthy and cheat in quotes for a reason. Healthy because I am no nutrition guru. I have been sticking to a plan that has been working well for me. 50g of protein and a cup of veggies for most meals, and 50 g of protein and 50 g  of carbs for post workout meals. There are also two protein shakes per day.

While I have found my favorite brand of reasonably priced protein shakes (Premier Protein from Costco  – 18 for $24.99 (or $29.99 if not on sale) where I am getting 30g of protein for 160 calories, it can be boring. (Costco sells vanilla, chocolate and caramel, and I have gotten cookies and cream from Amazon.) My daughter suggested espresso mixed in with each about a month ago, and that is a good alternative.

But, recently, I have really found something awesome, and this is where the somewhat questionable “healthy” issue might come in to play. I have been blending the vanilla Premier Protein with three or four ounces of either diet Sunkist orange or diet A&W root beer. In the office, I do it straight. At home, I use the blender with ice.

It is truly unbelievable – tasting like either an orange Creamsicle or a root beer float. Whether I am affecting the nutrition by using a diet soda, I am not quite certain, but I know that I love it and it is incredibly satisfying.

I used “cheat” in quotes because, as I have said,  I am not on a diet. I think I am now used to this way of eating.

One more “cheat” along the same lines. If I don’t need the protein shake, I have also done the 3-4 ounces of either Sunkist or A&W with Korger brand carb master vanilla milk with ice in a blender. 60 calories, 11 g of protein and I get a full blender (from froth and maybe carbonation) of truly satisfying awesomeness.

Right or wrong – this one little thing is keeping me on the straight and narrow.

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