Moving on – finishing the six week challenge

This Friday, I will be finishing up my “6 weeks challenge.” That’s what I signed up for. That’s what I paid for. It was Crossfit three days a week, plus nutritional guidance for the same period. And, it is time to decide how to move on.

I have made it to classes three times a week, every week, and had one week where I got in four because my wife was going for a trial class. But, I was limited to three times per week. Many times I wanted to go on additional days.

I have had “homework” every week. This weeks if to take after pictures on Friday, and make it to class 4-5 days this week (it’s the only time I have been allowed to go more than 3). I have made it all three days so far this week. I am wiped, but feel good.

In trying to decide how to move forward, I am trying to figure out my own warped sense of motivation. My options are to sign up for 3 classes per week, or unlimited. The incremental cost is $30 per month. It seems like the unlimited would be the no-brainer. But, I am afraid that it’s the “only three” that have kept me on track – that if I do the unlimited, I might not even make three. I know, it’s f’d up, but you don’t get to 302 without being a little screwed up.

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