Finally hit the starting point

I have been working my butt off for the past 5 weeks and I have finally gotten to my previous all time high weight – 281 pounds. Now, psychologically, I feel like I can say I am starting.

That 302 that I saw on the scale at the beginning of April, that wasn’t me.  It had to have been temporary. I could never allow myself to hit 300+. But, I f@#$in did! I don’t think I took anything but face pictures (and my mirror selfies to track the start which there is no way I am posting), but this is from 10/26/17. We had just moved into a new office and I had to send a picture to our home office. I am at about 295 here – so not even at that temporary high.

Office Jack

But, in any event, I am starting at this previous all time high. And, I have to say, I feel like I have some momentum. 28 box jumps this morning (yes, on the low side of the small box, but without too much of a mental block).

You can track me from here. Hopefully, over the next few years, you are going to see a guy who has really been fat all his life transform into someone fit. Something that I would never have even considered aspiring to before in my life.

There’s a saying from a Far Side Comic that has been a rallying cry for my family. If my kids were up at bat, or had a big test, or if there was a herculean task ahead of us – anything big. It works at this starting point today. “Nuts! Nuts! Get ’em!”


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