One meal

For the past four weeks, I have been good about sticking to my nutrition plan. I am sure it is a combination of nutrition and exercise (and no alcohol), but, physically, I have been feeling much better.

Prior to starting on 4/11, I would regularly (5-7 days per week) wake up feeling like s%$t and most often throw up. (You would think something like that would have triggered me to get healthy sooner, but I had just accepted it.)

I really hadn’t noticed that I wasn’t waking up like that until an hour ago when I did wake up feeling like that.

I have someone in from our Philly office, so that means my regular routine of being able to really control my food is off. He wanted to go to Chuy’s (Tex Mex) last night, and I figured I could just get grilled chicken or something like that. I ordered a steak burrito bowl – no cheese, no guac, no sour cream. Pretty plain – I figured lettuce, pico, steak and maybe some beans. It came out as a burrito. I’m not a food send back guy. So I scraped the insides of the burrito and it was mostly just steak – probably 6-8 oz (and I am supposed to be eating 8 oz of protein and a cup of veggies).

I was pretty happy with my choice until I got home and entered it into the Sparkpeople food diary where I am tracking all of my food. When I know where I am going in advance, I plan. I go through the nutrition in advance and really do make good choices. But, I didn’t know in advance. So, I made what I thought was the best choice.

I don’t know what the hell they cook their food in, but that 6-8 oz of steak – friggin 1010 calories. And, the sodium was absolutely through the roof. As a result of that meal alone, I ended the day at over 5,500 mg of sodium!

I truly never understood (seriously never) the impact of one meal on my health until this morning. Feeling like s$%t, I now know. Yes – Thanksgiving and other holiday meals – I have felt like crap, but that would have been overeating. This was trying to do what was right with the quantity right on target – and I really effed up. And, I am paying for it.

I am blindly following a nutrition plan, and it has been working. But, I think I have got to work to get a better understanding of nutrition so I can guide myself better in the future.

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