Getting over the moments

I am realizing now that any of the struggles I am having with this transition to healthy eating and exercise all relate to moments.

It was my daughter’s birthday this past Friday. She is also getting married next year, so we have been on the search for her “signature” drinks for the wedding. We went to kind of an upscale casual place that I found by searching for best cocktails in Atlanta (the place has a speakeasy too!). My wife, daughter and her fiance got really great sounding drinks (one was bourbon with apple smoked a couple of times in a smoker). And, I got a club soda with lime. I really (“Really, really.” – Shrek) wanted to try their drinks. But, I did not. Then, after they finished, I realized that we were in the same boat. We had all had something to drink. Mine might not have been quite as satisfying/appealing, but we were all done. I had made it through that moment.

It didn’t help that they brought her a huge slice of strawberry shortcake with a layer of cheesecake – right in front of me. Four forks. But, mine went unused. I was full, but I would have loved some. When we left, we were all in the same boat again. We were done eating together. I had made it through another moment.

And, when we left, I guess I was pretty proud. I had a good time celebrating my daughter’s birthday – just like we all did.

I am going to try to apply that “moment” approach with other food and drink, and then also to things which are currently unpleasant to me – a round of sit ups, a run. I’ll get through the moment and hopefully fell that sense of pride.

And, get that much closer to living a healthier lifestyle.

(By the way, I talked to the Crossfit Alpharetta coach that is working with me on nutrition this morning at the gym. He said it’s not about eliminating things completely, but doing it in moderation – one beer not six. And, I do look forward to the moderation. I just want to get through this six week challenge without a cheat. I don’t think I have ever not cheated. I am almost halfway there. I will make it.)

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