Tweaking the routine

This Crossfit and nutrition routine seems to be working for me, but I have tried to take a couple of shortcuts that I did not consider shortcuts. But, I know now that I have to be better.

Every meal, except for my post workout meal, should have a cup of veggies. The first week, I was really good – snap peas, sliced up peppers, celery, radishes. But, last weekend, I went grocery shopping and saw V8 low sodium. I thought that I could use that.

Two days this week, I used the V8 instead of veggies. Two servings of veggies in an 8 oz glass. No doubt it gives you the nutrients you need. But, what it doesn’t give me is the satisfaction of chewing. Maybe that sounds stupid, but I need to eat rather than drink. And, honestly, I don’t really like celery all that much, but it takes time to eat and gives some satisfaction.

I’m learning.

I did take a second round of pictures this morning. I haven’t gotten to my previous all-time high which I will use as my starting point, but I am down some from where I started two and a half weeks ago. But, I cannot see a difference in the pictures yet.

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