Hold my beer…

I like a beer or wine or cider or mule. I do. I also like Groupons. Here in Atlanta, there are literally dozens of breweries (Sweetwater, Jekyll and lots of other great ones – my favoritie is Ironmonger), distilleries (all really good, but American Spirit Works has this Fiddler Bourbon that is among my favorite), wineries and even a cidery (Urban Tree!). And, we really enjoy going to them when we can. I would say we would go to one once every three weeks. But, I would say, on average, I was a beer or a wine a day.

Doing this six week challenge, I have given up all alcohol. I talked to Justin, the owner of the Crossfit Alpharetta gym where I go who had been doing my nutrition coaching too about this – how I like going to all of these places. He explained that everything can fit in moderation.

So, in another four weeks, I’ll hit a brewery. But, until then, I went out and bought some pretty decent flavored sparkling water (I think it’s Deer Park) from Costco. I’m on my second case. But, it’s been serving the same purpose. And, I have been out to dinner a few times, and I have been going with club soda with a lime. It actually is much better than I thought.

Right now, I am feeling like I will be able to do Justin’s moderation in the future. Until then, you can hold my beer.

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