Get over yourself

That’s directed at me.

Yesterday, I had to do a ton of bear crawls. So you are walking on all fours, butt kind of up in the air. I am the odd man out in any class I go to, but especially at a place like Crossfit. Maybe some of these people started like me, but they sure don’t look like me. So, rather than focusing on the exercise, I am so much more concerned with my shirt riding up, on in this case down towards my head, showing my stomach. It is really embarrassing. I know I have to get over it.

And, when it comes to weights, I am using probably a third to a half of the next lowest person. Again – self conscious.

I really like quotes. Not the Sue Heck, believe in yourself type quotes (ok – sometimes I do). But ones that I can apply.

One I love and try to live by is a Teddy Roosevelt one – “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

It’s a really hard one to apply when you see people in great shape, not only in magazines and on tv, but right there next to you in class. But, I know I have to start somewhere. Maybe some are blessed with phenomenal genetics, but most, I believe, started somewhere too. Maybe not as bad as me. Maybe worse. I doubt it.

I really don’t want anyone to see my stomach though.

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