Starting to see results – but not really

Through last April (2017), my all time high weight had been 281. I hit that a couple of times in my life. But, the past 12 months took me to new heights (lows) and a couple of weeks ago, I hit 302. 302!

I have been good about working out and eating right since I started last Wednesday. And I am feeling slightly better and seeing slight losses on the scale. But, I feel like I haven’t even been able to really begin. That beginning won’t start until I hit that former 281 high.

At the Alpharetta Crossfit place that I go (and I think all the other ones), they kind of do beginner, intermediate and advanced exercises. It’s killing me, and I am not even close to a beginner yet. But, I am working and feel like I am at least taking the right steps.

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