Self conscious in the plane seat

Flying pretty much sucks anymore. When the prices come up, I go for the least expensive flight where I am also getting miles. That means, over the past year, with the introduction of basic economy, I am getting basic economy. If you haven’t enjoyed this fabulous class of service, you don’t get a seat until you area at the gate (meaning welcome to the middle seat) and you have no use of the overhead compartment. So, a tight space if tighter still.

Last week, I am in a middle seat. There are a husband and wife sitting in one aisle seat next to me and in the row immediately in front of me. So, the husband offers the woman in the middle seat in the row in front of me the aisle seat in my row so that the husband and wife can site together. She immediately says yes. In the course of about 10 seconds, she is up, turns around, sees me (I seriously try to make myself small in the chair), and a look comes over her face. The husband says, “Are you sure you are okay with this?” And, she says, “I’m okay. It is only a little more than an hour.”

You are going from middle to aisle – a bonus. So, the negative connotations associated with this “upgrade” can only be me.

I want to be right sized enough where this is never a thought or concern for me. I also hope that I have never said (or will say) something so thoughtless.

I am sticking to the plan. Visited our son this weekend in Indiana and had no issues with eating healthy.

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